About the project


Dear guests, dear visitors of our site, we are glad to welcome you on pages of our portal. Internet-project ABCmechanics.com designed and founded by a group of professionals, involved in advising and selling various elements of mechanics, industrial spare parts. At first this project was made for personal use within the company, to facilitate the work of managers, make it better. As the filling of the project information, We decided to make it available to a wider range of users.

Project ABCmechanics.com all the time at work, dynamically changing and updated. We create this resource for engineers, mechanical engineers, specialists in sales, as well as ordinary people.

The purpose of the work
The main goal of our projeсt is to create the leading information site in the field of engineering, recource, which will become a reference book for specialists. We tried to make our project a comfortable, informative and helpful.

For all questions, please contact us via the feedback form.