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Rockford Linear Motion

Rockford Linear Motion is Motion Simplified™.
You may be asking, what does this mean, exactly?  And more so, how does it benefit me and the work I do?  It's really quite simple.  Motion Simplified™ represents a commitment to make working with Rockford Linear Motion simple in all aspects  - simple to find the data you need, simple to specify and customize products, simple to buy and most importantly, simple to work with our team on custom applications and technical support.
Why is this important? That's simple too. We realize our product is not overly complex. In fact, profile linear guide rail systems are pretty simple, point A to point B solutions - yet recognized by our customers as key components to their applications.  Consequently, it should be easy for you to get what you need, when you want it - faster and simpler than ever before.
Therefore, we've made all points of contact with RLM as simple and as straight-forward as possible in order to be the go-to choice for profile linear guide rail products and services. So look no further than our GUIDE Series. These profile linear guide rail systems provide accurate, stable and smooth linear guidance under a wide range of speeds, load conditions and space requirements.