Aetna Bearing Company
Aetna Bearing Company is an ISO 9001 Manufacturer of Bearing Assemblies for Agricultural, Industrial, Automotive, and other Specialty Applications.
Since 1917 Aetna has been a world class anti-friction bearing manufacturing company. Aetna's commitment to quality products and dedication to constant and on-going quality improvement of both products and services have positioned us as a product and service leader for the new millennium.

Aetna's products are used throughout the world in automotive, truck, agricultural, aircraft, and industrial equipment and a number of other diverse applications.

In a world of manufacturing over capacity and low prices for all types of bearings, Aetna Bearing Company offers rapid response lead time and quality product at competitive prices.

We are large enough to supply demanded quantities to OEM assembly lines and small enough to respond nimbly to your unique bearing requests.