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Suffix/Prefix Manufacturer Description Example Refers to
E10IKOSelection Code.LWLC12C1R55BH/E10Linear Ball Bearing Unit
FIKOCaps For Rail Mounting Holes.MHTG30C4R3120HS2/A2FVZLinear Ball Bearing Unit
YIKOPlastic Retainer.LB16NYLinear Ball Bearing
/M3IKOThe Female Threads For Mounting LWL9 And LWL12 Slide Units Are Changed To M3, And The Track Rail Mounting Holes Are Changed To Holes For M3. The Female Threads For Mounting LWLF14 And LWLF18 Slide Units Are Changed To M3.LWL9C2R280H/M3Linear Ball Bearing Unit
/JIKOFemale Threads For Bellows.LRW40C2-R880T1H/JLinear Ball Bearing Unit
NIKOWith Retaining Ring Groove.LB16NYLinear Ball Bearing
NIKOSynthetic Resin Made.LM132332N UU OPLinear Ball Bearing
PIKOPrecision Accuracy Class.LRXD45C1T2PS2Linear Ball Bearing Unit
SLIKOStainless Steel.BSP2080SLLinear Ball Bearing Unit
QIKOCapillary Plates.LWH30QLinear Ball Bearing Unit