Designation system - THK

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Select designation type
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Select manufacturer
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Enter designation of characteristics or a part of it:
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Suffix/Prefix Manufacturer Description Example Refers to
WTHKNarrow tapped holes.Used for all type
VTHKNarrow tapped holes.Used for all type
VTHKShort W-block.Used for all type
UUTHKEnd seal.Used for all type
UPTHKUltra precision grade.Used for all type
TBTHKFlanged thru holes.Used for all type
TTHKJoined slide rails.Used for all type
TTHKLM rail jointed use.Used for all type
TTHKSymbol for rolled Ball screw.Ball screw
SSHHTHKEnd seal + side seal + inner seal + LaCS.Used for all type